RDS Systems prevent the spread of infections by terminating pathogens including C-diff Spores in 30 Seconds.

The RDS simplifies the infection prevention protocol to a one-step process by providing a certified, repeatable high-level standard of clean for Electronics, Patient Tools, Personal Effects and Patient Supplies. It’s large 3,000 cubic inch capacity and fast cycle time, is specifically designed to maximize throughput and complement the workflow of both large and small departments. 

The RDS is specifically designed for both fixed and mobile applications; wired and wireless devices. It is chemical-free, warranty-friendly and safe to use with any product.




The ideal solution for quickly disinfecting most handheld medical devices, including tablets, stethoscopes, and more.


Quickly disinfect larger items like keyboards, or increase the number of handhelds that can be disinfected at once.

Belkys Miranda

President, OPCon

“What I found most interesting are the number of items, patient-use tools, electronics and personal effects that they would decontaminate on a daily basis”.


Todd Rominger

Owner, UV Sanitized

“Clearly, one of the reasons for their success, was the engagement of the healthcare workers, who quickly understood the value of such a system, not only to patient safety and infection prevention, but to their own health and safety as well.  The words, “Don’t pass it on, don’t take it home,” quickly became the employee mantra.”

Leo W. Williams II

President & CEO, CSGI

"I strongly endorse and recommend purchasing the RDS30/32 to anyone seeking the best possible way to disinfect individual items. Whether in the hospital, hospitality business, sports or for personal use. There is simply nothing better!"




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