“The spread of pathogens in the workplace continues to be a very real concern. The loss to the facility in operational performance, revenues, absenteeism and its impact on patient safety, is staggering. At TMG Health, we are developing solutions tailored to these environments”



TMG Health’s goal is to leverage state-of-art technologies that elevate performance, are easy to use and stand the test of time. As a privately held company with decades of experience in new product development, the principals of the company fully embrace the concept and importance of investing in new ideas that achieve long-term results.


TMG Health, is complimented by a team of experienced Executives who are focused on bringing that same entrepreneurial spirit and outside-the-box thinking to the healthcare marketplace by concentrating on the people, the process and the technological aspects associated with this major health concern.


The RDS product series, provides a fast, convenient, cost effective solution to the growing challenge of decontaminating shared Devices, Tools and Supplies identified by numerous industry studies, as the greatest vector’s for the spread of infections.


All TMG Health products are American-made, manufactured and assembled in an ISO 9000 facility that meets or exceeds the quality assurance standards as outlined by International Organization of Standards.



Senior executive and industry evangelist, with a career in bringing disruptive technologies to market. Most notably, the first-ever FCC  license-free solution for wireless video at 900mHz and 360° Immersive Video Optics in the USA , that is now the world-wide standard for wide-angle VR and AI technologies. A strategic thinker with the capacity to execute tactically, as demonstrated by a history of success in three start-ups, a business recovery and a Fortune 100, $2B business integration of eleven companies.


TMG Health Technologies, is borne from the engineering expertise and inventiveness of longtime business partner George Lichtblau, Inventor, Entrepreneur Princeton Engineer and Harvard Grad.

TMG Health Technologies


Tom learned his craft with the nation's leading fortune 500 healthcare product manufacturers, and brings a rich sales background in medical equipment, supplies and service to TMG Health Technologies. An executive sales leader, sales and service business manager, and director of strategic corporate contracts to the national GPOs and IDN networks. Tom's enthusiasm, total engagement, and industry contacts has helped TMG Health Technologies achieve several of our most meaningful strategic goals and objectives.

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Bernie brings to TMG a long history of experience in the hospital & health care industry. A member of the Association of National Account Executives with an expertise in Healthcare Consulting, Medical Devices, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Marketing Strategy. Bernie's focus at TMG is the development of strategic partnerships.

Corporate Contracting & Consulting, LLC


Beth gives TMG Technologies keen insight and guidance as to the needs and process requirements of working in the acute-care space. Beth brings a lifetime of experience and wisdom to TMG with twenty years of clinical and management experience in Med Surgery and Cardiology, five years of IT Clinical Project Management, six years in Materials and Logistics and eight years as Director of Clinical Value Analysis.

As Director of Clinical Value Analysis, Beth was responsible to convene end-user groups to validate the functional acceptability of products and equipment before making a contractual commitment. She lead a team of Innovation Value Analysis professionals in the development of a web orientation to a system-wide value analysis process, and worked with clinicians to identify evidence-based "best practice" to make informed decisions and lay the groundwork for performance tracking.

Independent Value Analysis Consultant

Past President of AHVAP

Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professional


Charles brings a unique perspective  to TMG with his decades of sales and leadership experience plus a passion for process improvement. He has lead sales team with startups and with Fortune’s Fastest Growing Companies. A member of the American Society for Quality and the Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance. A large part of Chuck’s career has been working with GPO’s, IDN’s, hospitals, and clinics. He brings his knowledge of healthcare, process improvement, and business development together in our comprehensive customer centric solutions.

Charles is a Graduate of the  United States Military Academy with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.

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Charles E Overbeck, CEO